Civil Foreman Jobs in Dubai (with Salaries), AL Jabar LLC UAE Recruitment for Civil Foreman

Civil Foreman Jobs in Dubai:- Al Jaber Engineering is developed in 1995. Al Jaber Company is one of the huge company that is linked with 40 other different companies. JEC has successfully built a good reputation in the market and completed several projects of many clients in a variety of different sectors.

Roll of Civil Foreman in Construction

All the construction projects that are mandatory or needed for the people and that is also important for the country growth are handled by the Civil Foreman.

Civil Foreman is one of the good career option as he is responsible to overlook workers who work in the construction site and perform various tasks like- Build Bridges, Repair Highways, improve Airports, and build communication towers.

Civil Foreman spends half of his day on construction sites, but for holding meetings and other paperwork they perform it in their offices. The Civil Foreman has to work either full time or overtime it completely depends on the deadlines of the assigned task.

Responsibilities for Civil Foreman Jobs in Dubai

1.       Civil Foreman has to look and direct various tasks to the employees they have to ensure the smooth flow and choose employees and assign them task according to their capabilities

2.       In the construction site they manage, instruct, inspect, and work side by side with the employees

Civil Foreman Jobs in Dubai

3.       To increase Productivity Civil Foreman has to raise the energy and spirit level of the employees. Civil Foreman have to resolve the workers issue they have the right to fire the employee if they are not working properly. They also solve the worker-related problems and provide them with the satisfied solution

4.       Civil Foreman have to build up all the safety measures for the employees like wearing hard hats and protective gear. The Foreman also have to make a various rule and have to make sure that all the rules need to follow properly

5.       Civil Foreman decides all the plans that need to be followed if required then he can also change the carried-out plan

Skills Required

1.       Civil Foreman needs to be multi-tasker they have to do different tasks coming from various directions

2.       Civil Foreman have to organize all the workers, time, and things properly

3.       Civil Foreman must be a motivator and must be a decision-maker that can be helpful for the employees

4.       Civil Foreman must be comfortable in using the tools and must have the ability to read blueprints


To apply for the post of Civil Foreman needs to be a high school graduate, they can also have a bachelor’s degree in construction management.


Civil Foremen earn an average wage of AED 22.08 per hour. While the workers on the low end of the pay make about AED 15.53 hourly, while the highest-paid earn AED 35.62.

Job Benefits

The other job benefits of the post are-

Job benefits include –

•        Retirement plan

•        Paid holidays/sick days

•        Medical insurance

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